Give a Summer believes that all kids should enjoy great summer opportunities, that far too many kids don't, and that we can and we must change that.

View Give a Summer's new, groundbreaking report on youth access to summer opportunities with Cambridge Public Schools. The report is the most comprehensive, in-depth look at access to out of school opportunities done by any school district in the country.

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Summer can and should be a great and enriching time for all kids. But too many young people don't enjoy great opportunities and fall behind academically.

Yet no community knows, in any regular detail, where and why its youth miss out over the summer. To help more young people access those opportunities, we need to learn about their unique interests and challenges.



Over 4 years, we have worked with 13 Boston area public schools, including Cambridge Public Schools, surveying more than 3,000 students to help schools understand where and why their students miss out over the summer.  

We we found shows that we can dramatically increase the effectiveness of the support we provide young people when we ask all of about their dreams and what help they need. 

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